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International Shipping Containers for the Western United States

At Quality Storage Container, we are committed to helping clients get more from their enterprise. We help businesses build strong and robust logistics solutions that allow them to ship their goods and materials safely and easily. As a facilitator of transportation solutions, we offer a variety of international shipping containers in different sizes and configurations. Whether your enterprise operates throughout the United States or makes connections throughout the world, you may count on us for all of your shipping container needs.

Our cargo containers come in a variety of sizes and configurations, allowing them to integrate seamlessly into your logistics pipeline. From trucks and train cars to overseas freighting, our shipping containers are as versatile as they are strong and reliable. We have teamed up with the leading distributors to source and sell a wide selection of containers while passing the savings to you.

By ordering through us, you can feel at ease in knowing you are getting reliable products. We strive to provide the best possible value, which ensures you are able to do more, save money, and extend your bottom line.

About Our Specials

Our company is dedicated to delivering value to each of our clients. To that end, we offer a variety of standard shipping containers and high cube shipping containers at special rates. We also offer truck trailers.

Each of our containers is thoroughly inspected to ensure they adhere to current specifications and shipping standards. When you buy from us, you can always expect dependable, quality products that will last. Featuring solid construction and sturdy materials, our products will make a fine addition to your equipment selection.

There are many factors that we consider before listing a product on our Specials page. Please note that some of these products may exhibit wear and imperfections as a result of regular use.

Our Current Special Deals

Worker in Shipping Yard - International Shipping Containers

Southern Calif, Arizona, and Nevada (in the Las Vegas area):

40' High Cube Cargo Worthy container, please call for rates.

These are our MOST POPULAR sellers and are usually about 12 years old and meet all the specifications to go back on a ship! They must have good doors, good seals, a solid substructure, as well as a good roof. The sides will have small dents and some light surface rust. 

45' High Cube Cargo Worthy container, please call for rates. 

If you have the room, this is a GREAT BUY!


Northern California:

40' High Cube Cargo Worthy container, please call for rates.

45' High Cube Cargo Worthy for, please call for rates.

Limited Extra Inventory (Only Available While Supplies Last)

 53' (2002) Insulated Storage Trailers (Located near Riverside CA) 40 units available, please call for rates.

53' insulated storage trailers

20' Painted Containers(sitting in Riverside CA), please call for rates.

40' Painted Double Door Containers (Located in Nuevo near Perris), please call for rates.

High Cube Shipping Container



57' Dry Van Trailers, please call for rates.

Dry Van Trailer

  Interior Dry Van   


Packaging Rollers $4 ft. 100ft. min. order located in Fontana, in Riverside CA only.


Packaging Rollers


Packaging Rollers

Contact us to learn more about our selection of shipping containers. We proudly serve clients throughout the Western United States.