This Week's Specials

International Shipping Containers For The Western United States

Contact us for cargo trailers and international shipping containers in the western United States region. Look over the specials we offer on our various shipping options. The used cargo containers for sale come in standard shipping containers and high cube shipping containers

Southern Calif, Arizona and Nevada (in the Las Vegas area):

Worker in Shipping Yard - International Shipping Containers

40' High Cube Cargo Worthy container for $2,275.00

These are our MOST POPULAR sellers and are usually about 12 years old and meet all the specifications to go back on a ship! They must have good doors, good seals, a solid substructure, as well as a good roof. The sides will have small dents and some light surface rust. 

45' High Cub Cargo Worthy container for $2,700.00 

If you have the room this is a GREAT BUY!


Northern California:

40' High Cube Cargo Worthy container for $2,550.00

45' High Cube Cargo Worthy for $2,700.00


Limited Extra Inventory (Only Available While Supplies Last)


20' Painted Containers(sitting in Riverside CA) $2050.00 -

40' Painted Double Door Containers (Located in Nuevo near Perris) $3300.00

High Cube Shipping Container



57' Dry Van Trailers $2100.00

Dry Van Trailer

  Interior Dry Van   


Packaging Rollers $4 ft. 100ft. min. order located in Fontana, in Riverside CA only.


Packaging Rollers


Packaging Rollers