This Week's Specials

Southern Calif, Arizona and Nevada (in the Las Vegas area):


Worker in Shipping Yard

40' High Cube Cargo Worthy container for $2,275.00

These are our MOST POPULAR sellers and are usually about 12 years old and meet all the specifications to go back on a ship! They must have good doors, good seals, a solid substructure, as well as a good roof. The sides will have small dents and some light surface rust. 

45' High Cub Cargo Worthy container for $2,700.00 

If you have the room this is a GREAT BUY!


Northern California:

40' High Cube Cargo Worthy container for $2,550.00

45' High Cube Cargo Worthy for $2,700.00


Limited Extra Inventory (Only Available While Supplies Last)

20' Cargo Shipping Container (located in Lathorp, near Tracy California) $1,875.00

Container container



20' Painted Containers(sitting in Riverside CA) $2050.00 -

40' Painted Double Door Containers (Located in Nuevo near Perris) $3300.00



57' Dry Van Trailers $2100.00

Dry Van Trailer

  Interior Dry Van   


Packaging Rollers $4 ft. 100ft. min. order located in Fontana, in Riverside CA only.


Packaging Rollers


Packaging Rollers